DIY Self-Watering Planter

ECHO has been teaching urban gardening techniques since the early 80’s when Co-founder Dr. Martin Price visited Guatemala City and was inspired by the acres and acres of usable rooftop space being wasted.

Shortly thereafter, Dr. Price set up the urban garden demonstrations that ECHO is well known for, including growing vegetables in discarded automobile tires. Some say that the most challenging part of growing gardens in containers is making sure that they receive adequate amounts of water at regular intervals.

Self-watering planters exist in all shapes, sizes and price points. ECHO Asia’s Patrick Trail shares his tips on building a self-watering container garden with easy-to-find or recycled materials.

Materials that you’ll need: 5-gallon bucket with lid, a length of PVC, an old t-shirt or cloth, a drill, some screws, a zip tie, and a plastic cutting tool.

Want to make this? Tell us in the comments!

Happy gardening!


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