Introducing the ECHOcommunity Mobile App

The ECHOcommunity mobile app was launched on November 19th at our ECHO International Agriculture Conference with 675 registrants from 70 countries.

Through the app you can:

  • Read Documents Offline
  • Watch Videos Offline
  • Share Resources Offline
  • Keep Detailed Crop Records
  • Use in Ultra-Low Bandwidth Mode
It is available today on the Apple app store and Google play store — completely free.

Through ECHOcommunity you can discover ideas, research, and training on a wide variety of subject matter pertaining to agriculture and community development. ECHO’s resources focus on small-scale agriculture in the tropics and sub-tropics and come from ECHO staff, network members, and development partners around the globe. With the ECHOcommunity mobile app, you can take this knowledge with you wherever you go — with or without internet access.


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