ECHO Internship – What happens next?

As we all continue to navigate these uncertain days, this week’s “positivity pause” celebrates hope that lasts.

Noah serves in Senegal equipping West African farmers to transform their lives and communities. Watch this 3 ½ minute video and see how what he learned 10 years ago as an ECHO intern is still a “toolbox of ideas” he draws from every day.

To support vulnerable families during the COVID-19 crisis in Florida, ECHO interns are harvesting and distributing fresh fruits and vegetables from the farm to local feeding programs.

 Interns are also helping to pack and ship special “Seed Kits” that feature fast-growing and nutritious plants. Check out what’s available for tropical or temperate climates. Your purchases will help to advance ECHO’s mission!


ECHO provides sustainable options to world hunger through agricultural training, innovative options, and networking with community leaders and missionaries in more than 180 countries. ECHO seeks to find agricultural solutions for families growing food under difficult conditions. ECHO’s international headquarters is located in Fort Myers, FL. Visit


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