World Hunger Statistics

It is important for each of us to know the facts about poverty and world hunger. The statistics are sobering, and we hope that as you learn more about the breadth of the problem, that you will be inspired to join ECHO in delivering hope against hunger worldwide.

Growing hope from the ground up.

ECHO offers hope in the face of these problems through sustainable, affordable agricultural solutions to hunger. We offer practical training, hands-on workshops and conferences to equip people with skills and resources to reduce hunger and improve lives.

Two-thirds of undernourished people worldwide live in two regions: Sub-saharan Africa & Southern Asia

ECHO's response

to this inequality is to empower small-scale farming families to increase their harvests, while also increasing the nutritional diversity of their crops.

ECHO’s Regional Impact Centers equip farmers in these regions of greatest need to provide for their own families, creating sustainable solutions to hunger.

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Our programs around the world are changing lives for the better. But, without your support this “echo effect” will fall silent. We need your help to continue helping farming families around the world.

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