Testing Reliable and Relevant Options

We address challenges specific to small-scale farmers

  • Ensuring availability of appropriate, quality seeds
  • Building resilience to changes in climate
  • Sustaining the productive capacity of smallholder agroecosystems
  • Coping with field and seed pests
  • Item #5
    Development of agriculture-related appropriate technologies
  • Item #6
    Preserving and processing nutritious produce and grain for safe consumption and marketing

Research is foundational to ECHO’s informational resources. Agricultural practices and techniques presented in our publications and training resources must be scientifically sound.

ECHO carries out practical research that is directly applicable to small-scale farmers. Our specific goal is to reach farmers with ideas they can easily evaluate and modify within the context of their own fields and gardens. ECHO connects with development workers, organizations, university students, faculty, and farmers globally to share agricultural research findings and involve them in multi-site research studies. 

When we test hypotheses in real-world contexts, we reduce the risks that farmers might face testing techniques on their own, enabling them to quickly improve their livelihoods.

Intermittent Shade Trial

Research addresses drought, targeted to help small-scale farmers in West Africa

High temperatures and intense sun leads to loss of soil moisture as water evaporates from the soil. Widely-spaced trees provide some shade, keeping the ground cooler,with pruning and fallen leaves helping to cover the soil. Too much shade, though, lowers crop yields. In our experiment, we are……