What We Do

Hope Against Hunger

Empty bellies and empty hearts lead to pain and suffering for individuals, families, and communities across the world. We believe that as active participants in the Great Commission and stewards of great agricultural knowledge, it is our duty to grow and make disciples.



Self-sustainable hunger solutions for small-scale farmers.

We are


Hands-on training around the world with global resources and guidance available through online community.

We give


Through sustainable farming methods, we are demonstrating the Gospel in Word and seed.

Train. Transform. Thrive.

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Making the Most
of Our Impact

Because we partner with local NGOs, farmers, volunteers, and missionaries, we’re able to be more efficient with our resources. We can put more dollars into training farmers and creating sustainable results.

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Providing Aid Where
It’s Needed Most

Most hunger needs arise in rural areas, which is why we focus on small-scale farming solutions that can create the most change and feed the most families.

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Increasing Global
Food Production

70% of the world's population depends on small-scale farmers for most or all of their food. Our programs are increasing food yield at its most critical source.

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Teaching Sustainable Farming Methods

Many attempts to increase crop yield create long-term degradation. Our training equips farmers to restore soils, reduce erosion, and build a sustainable future for their fields.

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Adapting to
Changing Conditions

Farmers around the world are being forced to adapt to ever-changing weather patterns. Our training gives families the ability to become more resilient in adverse conditions.

For more than four decades, ECHO has been equipping and empowering hungry families with knowledge and the life-giving grace of God.

We’ve impacted millions of lives by teaching small-scale, sustainable farming methods so families can provide for themselves and their communities. By tackling hunger at the source, we’re growing hope from the ground up.