International Agriculture

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Development Workers

A vast knowledge base of proven and practical information

We work to identify, validate, document and disseminate best practices in sustainable agriculture and appropriate technology. Our extensive seed banks focus on highly beneficial underutilized plants that can thrive in challenging tropical climates.

Through ECHOcommunity and training events worldwide, ECHO creates opportunities for field-based practitioners to connect with each other, sharing their ideas, experience, and encouragement.

Experienced Technical Support

Agricultural Answers For Global Food Security

Bob Hargrave manages ECHO’s Technical Response Unit, where tailored options are given to any agriculturalist that requests them, free of charge.


How To Use

ECHOcommunity provides proven and practical resources, as well as a communications tool to help development workers connect with each other. 

As a collaborative environment, members contribute by asking and answering questions, rating and contributing resources, and sharing what they have learned in agricultural and development techniques in the field. 

Membership is free to all, and special benefits are offered to development workers who are working internationally. 

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