East Africa Director – Regional Impact Center

Arusha, Tanzania, United Republic of
Full Time

The new director will expand and strengthen the capacity of the diverse regional network to defeat hunger and improve lives through sustainable food and agricultural strategies in East Africa. The director is responsible for building upon the current regional network and serving that network with joy by identifying, validating, sharing, and measuring the efficacy of contextualized agricultural strategies (4 core functions of ECHO) with technical excellence for the Glory of God. In short, network building and training experience will be essential qualities of an effective director. ECHO is a global, Christian organization that exists to reduce hunger and improve lives through agricultural networking, training, and resourcing. ECHO promotes sustainable farming techniques, nutritional plants, and appropriate technologies that help small-scale farmers improve productivity, feed their families, and improve livelihoods. ECHO shares proven resources with a diverse network through the internet, printed materials and outreach events. ECHO also saves and distributes seeds of highly beneficial, underutilized plants and empowers others to save and share their seeds.