Asia Impact Center

Our Asia Impact Center, strategically located in Chiang Mai, Thailand, a hub of Southeast Asia, enables our training teams to easily reach those needing help.

Why Asia?

Along with rapid economic growth, Asia’s population is also growing. But, more than 300 million of its people still live on less than $2 per day. In fact, this global region represents more than half of the world’s poor.

And, beyond economic obstacles, rice production has slowed to historic lows and increasing water scarcity is slowing food production across the board. Additionally, more than half of the world’s stunted children live in Asia.

By locating our Impact Center in the heart of Southeast Asia, we’re training its poorest to take hold of their future and support themselves, their families, and their communities.

Asia Impact Story

Seed Bank Targets Food Security in Asia

Many neglected indigenous plants can play an important role in fighting hunger, soil erosion and loss of biodiversity in developing countries. The ECHO Asia Seed Bank in Thailand encourages the use of …



Asset 17

Agricultural articles translated into seven different languages

Asset 22

Regional and country-wide agricultural development events

Asset 23

Seed bank with more than 200 seed varieties

Asset 29

Resource library with hundreds of books

Asset 27

Technical support in response to farmers' questions

Asset 30

On-site consultations for organizations and individuals

Asset 24

Volunteer opportunities and internships

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