Severe Weather Changes For The Florida Campus

Due to Hurricane Ian, ECHO bookstore, nursery, and training center will be closed at least until power is restored. We appreciate your prayers as we work together to address the damages at the ECHO Florida property.

Upcoming Events

Fun activities for gardeners, foodies and families.

9am – 3pm

Join us for free workshops and plant sales!

Bunches of Bananas! 9:30 am

 In this workshop, participants will be introduced to banana botany and considerations for planting bananas in Southwest Florida. This will be an on-farm walking workshop.

Walking Tour

Grafting Demonstration 9:30 am

Grafting fruit trees is a great way to propagate the varieties of fruit trees that you want and expedite the fruiting process. Come and see two types of grafting demonstrated, as well as a short presentation about aftercare.

Tree Pruning Essentials 10:45 am           

Take a look into the philosophy of pruning, tree biology and response to pruning, and the main types of pruning.

Food Forest Design for SW Florida 10:45 am     

Come and learn about designing your food forest!  Discover the unique opportunities and challenges of planting perennial food crops using agroforestry techniques and elements of permaculture design.  

22 OCT 2022

Fall through Spring Gardening for Florida Newcomers  12:15 pm     

Many newcomers to gardening in SW Florida will be surprised to learn how different the fall through spring seasons can be. We will look at how the gardening seasons change from early fall to later fall, winter, early spring, and late spring. Special attention will be given to temperature changes, protection from freezes and frost, and changes shadows will have as the sun moves north and returns.

Garden as You Grow (Kids Planting Activity) 12:15 pm     

A workshop highlighting a plant’s life cycle from seed to maturity, kids will get a chance to observe plants at different stages, participate in some fun and educational activities, learn how to sow seeds in a take-home container, and get excited about gardening! Plant with us!

Building with Bamboo 1:30 pm     

Did you know that bamboo has a greater strength-to-weight ratio than steel, a higher tensile strength than wood, and produces harvestable timber in 3 to 4 years? Come learn some basic construction techniques for building with bamboo so you can utilize this incredible resource in your garden or home.

Year-round Gardening 1:30 pm     

Gardening tends to be a reactive activity, responding to the season and putting in what seems good at the time. Join this walking tour to discuss changing this paradigm to a gardening systems approach. We will tour ECHO’s Global Farm garden beds and talk about strategies to think about your garden bed planning as an annual system.

Walking Tour

Make a day or week out of your visit! Stay close to ECHO with one of our lodging partners.

27-29 SEPT 2022

Learn  from Leaders in the Field

This meeting will emphasize the methods of soil organic fertilization, the use of pesticides and organic fertilizers, as well as organic conservation methods.

It is a framework for meeting and sharing between agriculture practitioners, technicians, small farmers, NGOs, etc.


Pacific Hôtel

Avenue de l’UEMOA Ouagadougou, Burkina Faso

Registration is greatly encouraged! Please email 

We invite you to save these dates in your calendar and join us this November in Fort Myers, Florida for a wonderful time of engagement around agricultural and community development topics that impact the lives of smallholder farmers around the world. Registration open Now! 

15-17 NOV 2022

Learn and Connect!

ECHO is very excited to announce that we will be hosting the annual ECHO International Agriculture Conference in-person this November. After the past two years of virtual Conferences, we are thrilled for the opportunity to network face-to-face and to spend time reflecting, restoring, and renewing hope! This will be the theme for this year’s conference. 

21-23 Feb 2023

Learn  from Leaders in the Field

The ECHO Symposium will provide a network and training opportunity for those involved in alleviating hunger and poverty in East Africa. Three mornings of plenary sessions featuring knowledgeable and experienced speakers will be followed by afternoon workshops and discussion groups led by regional agricultural development workers and experts. Topics are currently being discussed for the event. 

This event will enable three days of sharing by presentations, some practical sessions, an appropriate technology fair, and last day field trips. The Symposium objectives: to share themes/best practices. This event has been stimulated by witnessing a typical myriad of NGOs working in isolation alongside others doing very good work.



Presented By: ECHO East Africa
7 MAR - 11 MAR 2023

Taste, Experience, Explore!

Get outdoors and spend a beautiful day on the coolest farm you’ll find in Lee County!
Tickets start at just $8, kids 5 & under free!

Looking for more information about ECHO’s training events for agricultural missionaries and development workers?