Ambassador Program

Turn Your Compassion
Into Action

You can be a part of the incredible work that ECHO is doing around the world! 

When you share ECHO’s mission with your friends, family and community, we call you an ECHO Ambassador. You become part of #TeamECHO!

As an Ambassador, you’ll receive exclusive emails with fun updates on ECHO events, and links to articles and stories from around the world. 

While this role looks different for everyone, in general, our ambassadors are people who:

  • Care
    Start with your passions and love for others. Learn about hunger, poverty, and ECHO’s mission.
  • Share
    Raise awareness about global hunger issues by sharing your passion. Connect others to our mission of equipping small-scale farmers with agricultural resources and skills. Raise funds for this work by becoming a donor and inviting others to support the mission!

How Can You Share the Mission?

Check out these tips to find out what you can do to support ECHO’s Global work.
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  • Share your ECHO story: Why do you support ECHO? Tell your Facebook friends! Don’t forget to include a link where they can give:
  • Donate a birthday or holiday gift: Ask for donations to ECHO in your name, or give to ECHO to honor someone else!
  • Host a gathering: Visit this page to help guide your discussion about ECHO.
  • Set up an info table: If your church, university, or workplace allows it, set out some information about ECHO and a donation jar. One business just put a tip jar by their register and raised more than $2,000.
  • Make it fun: Do you love to bake, run, write, watch movies, or play an instrument? How could you connect that with telling other people about ECHO? Share cookies & ECHO, organize a 5k, write a blog post, host a benefit concert… Dedicate a day to doing what you love and sharing the ECHO story.  One family went on a cycling adventure and raised funds for ECHO along the way!

Learn More About Becoming an ECHO Ambassador