East Africa Impact Center

Our East Africa Impact Center, located in Arusha, Tanzania, was established to support one of the world’s fastest-growing populations and fight the food scarcity they face on a daily basis.

Why East Africa?

Over the past decade, East Africa’s population has grown rapidly and is expected to increase 150% by 2050. Along with this, food scarcity has grown as well. Food production has been on a decline over the past 40 years and nearly 40% of the region’s children are malnourished. Agricultural development in East Africa is greatly needed.

The majority of East Africa’s families live in rural areas on a subsistence lifestyle. Because of this, agricultural training represents the most viable way to create a better future for millions of Africans.

By emphasizing regenerative, environmentally friendly practices, we’re helping to change the literal and figurative landscape so families can thrive.

East Africa Impact Story

Pastor and Joseph – ECHO training is changing lives in East Africa

Meet Pastor and his family. Pastor is a little boy who lives in an orphanage in Tanzania, but he’s not an orphan. His parents are incredible people who are caring …



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Research and development of local agricultural practices

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Specialized agricultural training to equip agencies serving in East Africa

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Resources to help schools, orphanages and health clinics improve nutrition through gardening projects

Asset 6

Creative Capacity Building program and internship opportunities for nationals​

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A seed bank and tree nursery to meet indigenous needs

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Trainings including conferences, hands-on workshops, forums, and more

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