ECHO CEO Transition

ECHO is seeking an experienced and effective President/CEO
to lead our global teams and engagement.

This committed Christian leader, under the direction and guidance of the Board of Directors, will continue to strengthen and grow the transformative equipping work of ECHO, focusing on self-sustainable hunger solutions that help families around the world know God’s provision for their lives — now and for eternity.

We invite you to support our CEO search in these ways:


Please share this profile with anyone in your network of relationships you believe may be interested in the role or in helping our search committee get the word out about the search.

Suggest Candidates:

Please suggest names of individuals to the search committee who you believe should be contacted about the role. You may do so through this confidential email address; please include any contact information you may have:

Express Interest: 

If you feel compelled by the opportunity and would like to initiate a confidential conversation with our search consultant, Mark Stevenson, please contact him at mark@ or (612) 747-7472. Alternatively, you may also express interest directly to the search committee through its confidential email address. Please include a cover letter and current resumé or CV in your email.

We invite you to read and share the CEO Opportunity Profile below to help ECHO launch into the future.

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As ECHO honors all that has gone into its 40 years of operational existence and takes the time for a careful and prayerful leadership transition, we invite you to pray with us, volunteer with us, and continue to give so that more families can know that there IS Hope Against Hunger… for now and for eternity! Thank You!!
Statement of faith

We do not ask those we serve to ascribe to this Statement of Faith, under the belief that all people are our neighbors, no matter their faith, and deserve love and care.

Each staff member at ECHO is asked to sign our Statement of Faith or The Apostles’ Creed.

Frequently Asked Questions

This helpful resource answers many questions you may have about ECHO’s CEO transition.

ECHO has started the process to search for the next CEO 

David Erickson, who has been a part of ECHO’s staff for over 11 years and served as President/CEO for the past six years, has asked ECHO’s Board to begin the search process for his successor. David was treated for prostate cancer at the Mayo Clinic in Rochester, MN, and is gratefully, now cancer-free. 

Beginning the transition now will ensure ample time to find the right person to lead this extraordinary work.

David is prayerfully anticipating a full and complete recovery. Nevertheless, he  recognizes that the recovery process may take a while. As he has said, “ECHO needs and deserves the very best in its leader. I’ve sought to offer that, and I want ECHO to continue to receive that in the future. Beginning the transition now will ensure that ECHO’s Board will have ample time to conduct a thoughtful, prayerful, and thorough search to find the person that God has to lead this extraordinary work going forward.” 

David will continue to serve as ECHO’s President/CEO into the New Year. 

ECHO’s Board did not initiate David’s decision to retire. The Board Members have also expressed gratitude for David’s willingness to stay in his leadership role for as long as it takes the Board to strategically identify the next person God is calling to take up the mantle. David and the Board have agreed on a target date of February 2022 to coincide with a celebration of 40 Years of ECHO’s global engagement. So, David will continue to serve as ECHO’s President/CEO well into the New Year. 

David and The Board have committed to take whatever time is necessary to find the next leader to advance ECHO’s work.

The Board has embarked on the search/selection process with the guidance of a Board-appointed Search Committee (composed of 3 Board members and 4 senior staff leaders) and the search firm of Clarity for Christian Leaders. They have developed search and selection criteria, a President/CEO position profile, and a search outreach plan. The invitation for applications, screening, interviewing, etc. will take place over the following months. The Board has committed to take whatever time is necessary to find the next leader to advance ECHO’s work and witness into the future. 

We strive forward.

Even at this moment, ECHO’s impact is growing all around the world! ECHO’s mission, vision, and strategies are clear. ECHO has an extraordinarily gifted, experienced, and committed staff. Wonderful volunteers, faithful and generous supporters, and strong finances provide the foundation and capacity for ECHO’s ongoing work. Most importantly, God has chosen to use and multiply the work and witness of ECHO – enabling us to bless over a million women, men, and children each year.