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Helping Families Help Themselves

For nearly four decades, ECHO has been equipping and empowering hungry families with knowledge and the life-giving grace of God. We’ve impacted millions of lives by teaching small-scale, sustainable farming methods so families can provide for themselves and their communities. By tackling hunger at the source, we’re growing hope from the ground up.

Delivering life-changing training worldwide.

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Spreading the love of God in Word & Seed

Sidiki Ouedraogo lives in the small village of Boulwando and was struggling to provide food for his family. He was able to take part in an ECHO training and learn techniques for composting, fertilizing, and livestock management with hands-on demonstrations on how to apply these farming principles. He saw a 100% increase in volume from his two fields.

“Since I started farming, I had never produced so well,” exclaims Sidiki. “Today, my orchard has become a subject of fascination. Many inhabitants of the neighboring villages, who see the orchard as they are passing by, actively seek to find out the owner of the orchard in an effort to discover my ‘secret.’ As a result, I have had an opportunity to share and teach many of them.”

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Like many rural pastors in Burkina Faso, Pastor Emile’s church cannot fully support him financially. For years he has been trying various gardening practices to provide for his family. A year after ECHO trained members of …

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Equipped For a Food Secure Future

Lembris Mollel is an East African farmer with five children. They live on five acres of land and farm corn, beans, sunflowers, vegetables and bananas. Because of an ECHO training on conservation agriculture, Lembris has been …

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