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Hurricane Irma Recovery Day 6

An ECHO intern talks about returning to the farm after the hurricane and how some of the recovery efforts needed on the farm relate to what he saw during his time serving in West Africa.

David Erickson Shares His Heart

In the Urban Garden, at ECHO’s Florida Campus, ECHO President/CEO David Erickson invites supporters to help ECHO recover from a direct hit from Hurricane Irma.

What Does Volunteering After a Hurricane Look like?

Launa had already scheduled to come and volunteer when Hurricane Irma hit. Now she’s helping to save trees and remove debris so that ECHO can get back to the real mission of reducing hunger and improving lives around the world.

ECHO Global Farm – After Hurricane Irma

A look at the damage caused by a direct hit from Hurricane Irma. Dozens of trees, many of them rare and important in ECHO’s training, were destroyed. Working without power, the ECHO staff and volunteers tirelessly tried to save as many trees as possible, and worked to protect what was left standing in the research and training plots.