Get Into Gardening Event

Ticket information

 All workshops are free, but space is limited and registration is required. Farm tours will be offered at a discounted rate and tickets can be purchased through our event calendar. 

Join us for incredible experiences for all ages on the farm!

Saturday, October 7
2023 workshops are LIVE:

9:30 am – Live Fermentation Demo

Learn how you add fermented foods to your daily life and take your meals to the next level. 

Get a free sample of Medea’s Famous Organic Pink Ginger Kraut and the recipe for you to try at home!

9:30 am – Make Your Own Moringa Leaf Powder

Moringa is a fast-growing tree that produces nutritious leaves with many health benefits. The leaves can be eaten fresh or dry. This workshop focuses on drying and converting moringa leaves to a powder that can be stored and added to foods. It will cover tips on how to grow moringa in a small garden plot as well as how to harvest and dry the leaves. There will be an opportunity for hands-on experience in converting dried moringa leaves into powder. 

10:30 am – Regenerative Practices for Edible Landscapes 

Southwest Florida presents a variety of unique challenges for home gardeners.  Poor fertility, sandy soil, high pH water, and weed growth, among others, can lead to poor growth and discouragement as you struggle to help your plants survive.  Regenerative approaches to agriculture harness the ability of natural systems to restore and rebuild soil fertility, organic matter, and biodiversity over time.  We are attempting to incorporate some of these practices into our edible landscape management and are encouraged by the results.  Come learn about what Ecovision is doing to help landscapes thrive and share your experiences.

10:30 am – Fruit Tree Management

Learn about tropical fruit tree phenology and how it can help us manage our trees. We’ll cover some basics of fertilizing, watering, and pruning throughout the year in southwest Florida.

11:30 am –  Interactive Food Forest Tour with ECHO Interns

Join an adventurous food forest tour of ECHO’s tropical rainforest area. We will be navigating through jungle-like paths and getting up close to see many of our sustainable agroforestry demos in action. The tour will be led and hosted by ECHO interns. Be inspired to start your own backyard food forest!


11:30 am – Grafting Demo

Grafting fruit trees is a great way to propagate the varieties of fruit trees that you want and expedite the fruiting process.


1:00 pm – Building with Bamboo 

Did you know that bamboo has a greater strength-to-weight ratio than steel, a higher tensile strength than wood, and produces harvestable timber in 3 to 4 years? Come learn some basic construction techniques for building with bamboo so you can utilize this incredible resource in your garden or home.

1:00 pm – Year-Round Florida Gardening 

Like many of you who arrive in Florida from “up north” looking for gardening all year, I was ecstatic to now be working with ECHO. I was especially eager to be able to garden when cold northern gardening had not been much of an option in my home in Ohio.

I discovered that in SW Florida, there are three growing seasons (fall/winter/spring) when I could garden. But there was a LOT to learn about how each of these seasons needed to be understood – and many interesting surprises to which I needed to adapt to fit those seasons.

I was also surprised to learn that though SW Florida could grow food all year, most of the vegetables I had grown and enjoyed in Ohio did not do well at all in the summer here. The good news is that there are several food plants that can GROW ALL YEAR in our climate.

This presentation will be an orientation to the fall/winter/spring and year-round garden crops and some special highlights!

2:00 pm – Raising Goats for Beginners

Want to get goats, but not sure where to start? This course will cover the basics of caring for and raising goats. We will discuss options for food, water, and shelter and go over routine healthcare and get some hands-on experience with the goats here at ECHO!

2:00 pm – Propagation Options

Learn the difference between cuttings, seed germination, and division as options for plant propagation.